Madonna del Piatto is a gorgeous recipe and food website hosted by Letizia Mattiacci, author of the beloved "A Kitchen with a View" (look for it in while traveling in Umbria). If you really want to sink into the foodways of Umbria, I recommend giving her website a dive (but watch out, it's going to make you hungry). Letizia also contributes to a monthly magazine, An American in Italia, that is worth checking out for getting a rich understanding of the culture of the region. If Assisi is your destination, I'd recommend cooking and/or staying with Letizia at her B&B where she hosts tours (of particular note are her olive oil and porchetta trips), cooking classes, and welcomes travelers to her vacation rentals.

Life...Italian Style Jennifer is a professional chef, leading exceptional cooking classes and tours in Umbria. 

Take Me Home Italy is an organization designed to connect people with their Italian heritage. Funny story, I connected on Twitter with the owner, and it turns out she and Keith and related! Small social-media world...

Winefathers is a fabulous concept—linking wine and Italy lovers with Italian wineries. Different levels of sponsorship include different perks. I have one of these on my Christmas wish list. 

Italian towns have a Pro Loco, an organization that promotes the town's happenings. Wherever you are traveling in Italy, it's worth a virtual stop here to see what events will be in progress during your visit. Here's Spello Pro Loco.