Reviews of Santa Lucia

"From the very first paragraph, I found myself intrigued. Michelle Damiani paints a complete portrait of Santa Lucia, her inhabitants and the aura of Umbria itself. The plot is well fleshed out, takes surprising and unexpected turns. It was difficult to lay the story aside. I can hardly wait for her next installment of the story of Santa Lucia. Bravo, Michelle Damiani."

"One of those books that keeps you awake at night reading. Loved the characters and the story."

"This was a fantastic read. I could not put it down. The way it ends leaves me longing for Michelle to write the sequel. Her descriptions of Santa Lucia are like reading poetry. Great Great read. You will love it!"

"I'm not much into novels, but found this book very interesting and anxious to read the next book as the author keeps the reader in suspense. Anxious to learn more about all the characters in this novel and how their futures play out."

"I've visited Italy a few times and this book takes me back to the wonderful time spent there.
I got so lost in the characters and Michelle's description of Santa Lucia I could not stop reading. I kept saying to myself 'one more chapter!' I'm so glad this is a series because I get to keep enjoying Michelle's writing. Please hurry up and finish book 2 of the series!!!"

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