Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is the story of a small town on the brink of change, and the villagers that call it home.

Lush with glimmering olive groves and flower-lined alleys, it would be easy to believe that Santa Lucia is as idyllic as it appears. After all, what drama could possibly unfold in such an storybook village?

As it happens, Santa Lucia is rife with gossip and secrets that are swapped over espresso at the local café. There is much to discuss.

Santa Lucia's well-drawn characters struggle with romance and betrayal, tragedy and redemption. The villagers’ daily lives intertwine in a gripping read set in the breathtaking Umbrian hills. Start this captivating story at night and risk being awake far too late. Suspense and enchantment will practically turn the pages of their own accord.

Michelle Damiani has followed Il Bel Centro: A Year in the Beautiful Center, her beloved memoir of finding a home in Umbria, with an enthralling novel that similarly transports readers to the green heart of Italy.

“Santa Lucia will steal your heart!”

“This was a fantastic read. I could not put it down.”

“Santa Lucia brings small town Italy to life”

“This book will be a treat to those who like to get lost in good tales and who appreciate good writing, and especially to those who enjoy reading about life in Italy.”

“The characters are beautifully drawn, each with his or her own demons, hopes, joys, fears. They mesh together and you become completely caught up in their individual stories so you have difficulty putting the book down.”