Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is a picturesque hill town in the heart of Italy.

Surrounded by glimmering olive groves and embellished with flower-lined alleys, it would be easy to believe that Santa Lucia is as idyllic as it appears. After all, what drama could possibly unfold in such a storybook village?

As it happens, Santa Lucia is rife with secrets that are swapped over espresso at the local bar. There is much to discuss. Massimo’s sudden and powerful romance shocks the villagers who doubt his motives. Tragedy upon tragedy have rocked Luciano’s world until he is at risk of losing everything. Young Fatima wrestles with how to balance her devotion to her Moroccan family with her desire to integrate into her new Italian home. Her best friend Elisa’s very existence violates her family’s sense of honor. Chiara’s past threatens to corrupt her budding love affair. Edo ‘s wild streak is as dangerous as it is mystifying. Magda’s shocking history can’t stay hidden forever. And the mayor is too preoccupied to notice that his wife is carrying on an affair with the town handyman.

 Santa Lucia is the sweeping tale of a town on the brink of change and the villagers that call it home. 

By the author of the bestselling Il Bel Centro: A Year in the Beautiful CenterSanta Lucia similarly transports readers to the lush green hills of Italy.