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I’m pleased to offer coaching for those seeking clarity on how to live their best lives. Whether that’s working on how to have a global family experience or how to support an anxious teenager or how to reclaim a sense of authorship over your own life—I can help.

Coaching is an extension of my clinical psychology practice which centers on guiding clients to find their authentic voice, empowering them to set boundaries and goals to create a satisfying, enriching journey.

The 30-minute introductory phone call is free, and will give you a sense of me and how I work. Contact me and I’m happy to tell you about my approach and how it is informed by the 20 years I’ve been practicing as a clinical psychologist, helping people live their best lives by finding the strengths they never knew they had.


“ My time with Michelle has been life-changing - I know that sounds ‘extreme’ but it's true! I started to see Michelle when I was having a lot of anxiety and at a life crossroads. She was able to work with me every week to break down my thought processes, give me clarity, and help me with next steps. I have grown so much with Michelle and I am SO thankful that I have her as a trusted resource and confidante. I would 100% recommend her!”

“Working with Michelle has been an incredible experience. She provides a consistent and well balanced approach of connection, active listening, and thoughtful questions to promote growth. I started with work around my negative inner critic and developing emotional literacy for the purpose of increasing my self acceptance and deepening authenticity in relationships. Our work continued on during times of major personal crisis. From big to small, there is no situation, experience, or feeling that Michelle has not helped me process, understand, and move through with greater comfort and clarity.”

”I am so grateful for our work together and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”


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“We started working with Michelle to help our son who struggled immensely with anxiety. We entered our first session feeling lost and ineffective as parents as we watched our son's struggle escalate. My husband and I both remember so clearly leaving our first session feeling empowered with both a new understanding and strategies to help our son. We continued to work hard with her and have gained skills that have now helped all four of our children as they navigate the many developmental challenges that kids face. We have a sense of "I've got this" during difficult times because of our work with Michelle and the tools she has helped us to find. So thankful.”