Contributors to The Road Taken

Fans of Michelle Damiani’s bestselling memoir Il Bel Centro: A Year in the Beautiful Center will thrill to the backstory of the family’s year in an Italian hill town, as well as discovering what lies behind their next global adventure. Readers will also delight in delving into the stories of 36 contributors. Some worldschooled, some enrolled their children in public schools, some chose International Schools, some opted for private schools, and some used the curriculum dictated by their home school systems.

John Ahern—RVed through Europe
Elizabeth Ancell—Lives in Italy
Andrea Camerota—Lives in Italy
Canada-to-France Travel Blog—Lives in France
Heather Carlson—Lived in Italy 
Kristin Clarens—Lived in Costa Rica, the Netherlands, and Argentina
Lisa Cole—Backpacked around the world
Kate Collier—Worldschools
Nicolas Damiani—Lived in Italy
Estelle del Porto—Lives in Italy with children and grandchildren
Julie Despain—Worldschools
Cheryl Falconer—RVing through Europe
Sarah Bringhurst Familia—Lives in the Netherlands
Rachel Gerson—Lived in Spain
Nell Goddin—Lived in France
Marie Fox-Edgar—Lived in Panama
Susan Harwood—Lived in Singapore
Naomi Hattaway—Lived in India and Singapore
Jerry Jones—Lives in China
Kirsty Larmour—Road-tripped through Northern Africa and Central Asia
Tania Landin—Road-tripped through Europe
Lewis Family—Lived in Malaysia
Gabriella Lindsay—Lives in Mexico
Jennifer Massaro—Sailed the Atlantic
Nitsa Olivadati—Worldschooled
Amanda Ponzio-Mouttaki—Lives in Morocco
Allyson Shames—Lived in Belgium
Allison Sherman—Worldschools
Alisha Stamp—Lives in Kyrgyzstan
M’Kenzie Tillotson—Worldschools
Astrid Vinje—Worldschools
Heidi Wagoner—Lives in Spain
Sara Warden—Lived in Morocco
Nica Waters—Sailed the Caribbean 
Melissa Wiringi—Preparing to move to Spain
Stephanie Yoder—Lives in Italy