Reviews for The Road Taken

Readers are loving The Road Taken! Whether or not a leap across the ocean was in their family cards, they enjoyed thinking differently about travel and how to find incidental adventures.

Here’s a sampling of the praise:

“Who knew there could be a practical guide to making magic?” — Julie

“If you are pondering a life abroad with your family, and even if you aren’t, this book is invaluable resource and just a plain good read. You may want to star packing your bags.” — K and J

“I may just slip a copy of this book under my son and daughter-in-law's Christmas tree --- just to plant a seed.” — Eve Santa Maria

“The Road Taken is a wonderful “how to” book to make traveling dreams come true… No one sugar coated his/her advice but all seemed like ordinary people who chose extraordinary adventures…The book was laid out in an organized manner from saving for the trip initially to reacclimating to the home country at the end. Special focus was placed on making the trip as meaningful to the children as it was for adults.” — Denise J.

“I especially enjoyed learning how folks resolved issues they encountered as well as the shared moments that made their move memorable…I thoroughly enjoyed The Road Taken and recommend it to anyone thinking of moving abroad or just armchair dreaming...” — Amazon customer

“Great combination of practical logistical advice (especially the medical advice), advice from a professional counselor on the psychological aspects of moving as well as some truly wonderful personal stories…I would recommend this book to anyone considering moving abroad.” — cty

“This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to move out of their comfort zone and move to another culture and country. Especially with children.” — Nancy H.

“This book is the perfect guide and manages to cover every aspect you could think of in planning travels: where, when and how to go. Whilst being the perfect handbook it manages, at the same time, to be an absorbing read, even if you never want to go further than your sofa, curled up with a kindle.” — Sweetsu

“Well researched and written accounts of families living abroad world schooling. I loved the information it provided about planning such a trip and the honesty of each of the accounts of what living abroad is really like.” — Amanda R.