I have a thing for Italian street lights

What is it about Italian street lights?

I have no idea, but on my last trip to Italy, I realized I was snapping a photo of one fairly constantly. I think light fixtures are one of those details that make me feel that I’ve really arrived in Italy. Like espresso being the standard coffee, ordering a mezzo litro vino rosso every night, and frescos as everyday backgrounds. It’s the little things.

So, consider this post my ode to the humble light fixture. These photos were taken mostly in Umbria, but some in Tuscany and some in Abruzzo.

If you have one or two (or a hundred) of your own, join our Facebook group “Italian Cats and Hidden Madonnas”, a group where members share photos of those Italian details that make us swoon. You know what I’m talking about… a door with peeling paint or a glass of wine with a view or cobblestones scattered with confetti, and of course, cats and Madonnas.

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