The Road Taken

Imagine for a moment taking your family on the global adventure of a lifetime. What might that look like? Gathering at a bistro with locals after the school play in your French village? Swapping stories with fellow expat parents at your children’s International School in Beijing? Making sand angels with your children in the Sahara desert under a heavy moon?

With captivating storytelling and innovative practical advice The Road Taken: How to Dream, Plan, and Live Your Family Adventure Abroad will guide you to your family dream and then walk you through not only how to get it, but how to manage the side effects of stretching out of your collective comfort zone. Thought provoking chapters on everything from dealing with your children’s reactions to finding work abroad to learning the language will embolden you to define your own dream and give it wing.

The Road Taken is your how-to manual for creating the experience of a lifetime. It’s also the perfect book for those who love thrilling adventure tales and are just looking for ideas to spice up their next family vacation.

Author and clinical psychologist Michelle Damiani weaves together her story of moving to an Italian village with the experiences of thirty-six contributors (learn more about them here) to create what is sure to be the definitive manual for families who crave the bonding and adventure of an international expedition.

Because you owe it to yourself and your family to consider discovering the world together.